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Sport Psychology Consulting & Mental Performance Coaching

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Mental training teaches you to think clearly and to use your mind effectively during a performance. Get a mental training plan today. Learn about our individual and group mental training opportunities to improve and maximize your performances. 
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Inner      Mind      Fitness

Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open. Learn about how Inner Mind Fitness uses a unique approach to releasing your performance potential.
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      About   Talese    Fernbach,   MASEP

Sport Psychology and Mental performance Coaching doesn’t create talent, it helps to release it! Talese believes that everyone needs to train their mind in order to reach their full performance potential and to let their talents be developed to their fullest. This requires becoming aware of one's mental state.
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It’s All in The Process

Get insight into the process Talese uses in individual sessions to reach a desired outcome. If you work the techniques, you will get the desired performance results.