Athletes and Performers


Talese enthusiastically works with athletes, teams, coaches, parents and performers of the arts to empower them to perform to their potential. She identifies mental barriers that are impeding their performances and provides performance enhancing tools to break down those mental barriers. This process allows the mind and body to perform as one, optimizing performance potential.  Customized mental training programs and performance enhancing techniques  release the performances to the next level.

Whether it's an individual or group interacting with Talese, they will always walk away with performance insight, practical tools/skills and often mental homework that will break down the mental barriers and elevate  performance.  These tools/skills become an important part of their mental tool kit and can be easily incorporated into their customized mental workout plan and life performances. 

Every performance involves actions to execute. Your mind tells your body what to do. The approach of Inner Mind Fitness is to train the mind in preparation for and in concurrence with the physical performance. Many performers would admit that 90% of their performance depends on their mental outlook, yet spend little to no time training their minds. Training your mind is as important as training your body. Studies show that within a group of performers, with equal ability, those who receive consistent mental training out perform those who do not. Mental skills, like physical skills, need constant practice. If you would like to inquire about or book any of Talese’s services, please click the link found below:



Mental Performance Barriers include:

· Will I get hurt?

· Will I finish?/ Can I do this?/ Am I good enough?

· Fear of Success

· Fear of Failure

· Anxiety

· Uncertainty/uncontrollables

· Fear of Embarrassment

· Low confidence

· Lack of motivation

· Unrealistic expectations and goals

· Negative self-talk

· Excuses

· Injuries

· Past poor performances

· Pressure

· Poor focus

· Excessive emotions

· Not having fun

· Judgments

· Burn out