What Client's are Saying


“Talese is a great coach for the mental side of training for any type of sport. She gives sound advice and takes you through the process of feeling intimidated with a first time try at a sport, to feeling confident and able to perform with excitement and enthusiasm. I recommend her to anyone who might feel any hesitation about their abilities. She will bring out the best in you and give you the tools that you need to overcome any obstacle."

Emeline Moya, Recreation Manager
City of Los Alamitos
Los Alamitos Race on the Base


Process vs. Outcome

“Talese has been an integral part of why my daughter, Kendall, has progressed to the next level of Irish Dance. My daughter, who was 8 at the time, had gotten "stuck" inside her own mind when performing on stage. Admittedly, Kendall is my shy girl, and I was skeptical that Talese would be able to get through to her and get her to talk. Talese captured Kendall's trust immediately. Within a few short sessions, Talese helped her break through her own barriers and learn how to develop a positive ritual before competition that has made a big difference in Kendall's confidence. I am proud to say that Kendall is now competing at a Championship level across the country and anticipates upcoming competitions in Ireland and England! My husband and I have recently decided to hire Talese to work with our eldest daughter, Montana, who is swimming competitively. I know that she will give Montana the necessary tools to be a well-prepared athlete and perform to her ultimate capabilities!”  

Candace Wood


“Doing an event can create anxiety and stress that can inhibit the performance of an athlete at any level.   Many athletes have fear or lack self-confidence to perform at their optimum level.  Talese's workshops and expert guidance, through several techniques, can help you gain the confidence and mental toughness to get you through any part of your race.  You'll find that the methods she teaches you become the tools in your own private arsenal of weapons against self-doubt, and they
are yours forever to revisit whenever you find it necessary.  I've seen the techniques she uses make a  difference in athletes I coach, as well as with my own training.”

Nadine Echeverry
Head Coach, Train 4 Autism
USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach
RoadRunners of America Coach
Spinning Certified
Board Member, A Running Experience Club, Long Beach

Mental Rejuvenation


“I'm currently working with Talese and within the first week or two, I made remarkable progress with my mental performance barriers. I have literally gone from feeling fear, anxiety, lack of motivation, lack of confidence and experiencing negative self talk in relation to my physical performances to viewing my next physical performance as a challenge and looking forward to it.

For many reasons, going to Disneyland creates much anxiety for me. I went to Disney today and I'm so happy. For the first time in probably 4 years, I went to Disneyland and experienced NO anxiety all day long. I experienced none at all. What a victory!!!! 

Thank you Talese for giving me my life back!!”

Heather Madla

Anxiety Victory


“I met Talese at the Los Alamitos Race on the Base clinics for the TRI on February 2012. Since that was going to be my first TRI, I was trying to find out as much as I could about different training skills.   What Talese said at the clinics made so much sense, and I registered to take more group classes with her through the City of Los Alamitos.  I did take the classes, and I really liked the way Talese teaches, and after completing my first TRI in February 25, 2012, with a big smile on my face and great sense of satisfaction with my performance, I became a 1 to 1 student with her. She has helped me achieve my goals, and I mean not just in the area of sports, but in important goals that also impact my personal life. She is very professional, but at the same time she is so easy to talk to, we communicate very well. She helped me so much this past year.”

Nora Reyes

Negative Self-Talk


“The time you spent coaching our Triathlon Group last Sunday was appreciated. I was feeling quite low because my performance hadn’t been able to keep up with the group that day. I was down on myself and had been negatively talking to myself the entire morning. I am nervous about my upcoming competition, but thanks to your instructions on how to picture myself succeeding, I feel confident. I am looking forward to our next session.” 

An endurance competitor 

Open Mindset

Hey Talese, I just finished the meet and it went really well! The water was freeeezing  but I just took 10 deep breaths and did the warm up you gave me and I swam personal best in both events! I've never felt more mentally prepared and confident stepping up on the block! thanks for everything!! :)

- NOVA Swimmer

Optimal Arousal

Woo last night was great! My swim felt great and even though I was nervous all day, as soon as I got to the pool, I was super pumped and ready to go :) I even dropped more time on my 100 breast and got a CIF auto time! sooo excited! feels great to love, love, love swimming again :)

- Mater Dei Swimmer

Optimal Mental Training

So, I did it Talese! I finished in 14:21, I relied on a lot of the things we talked about. there was a huge wind that came up during the swim and lasted all day. I used my cue words to keep focused and did well! I did lose my bracelet in the transition to the run, but, I still had my performance rock and ran with that. the mantras were huge for me. My final mantra was "Josh Ziegert you are an Ironman." Thanks for everything Talese!! 

- Josh Ziegert


Mental Tricks

I just wanted to let you know I ran the OC Half Marathon yesterday! It started to really heat up and I just had a rough time with that. I wanted to walk so I got my mental red dot moving and the results were amazing!  I even had it shoot out my eye like a laser. I realized that it worked so well that I didn't feel the heat, my side stitch went away, I cooled off, ran faster and heard nothing around and saw no one. Really amazing stuff! SO GLAD you taught me that! Thank you so much!    

- Marathoner

Process Victory

Had a great mental and physical performance in TX coach!! Thank You!!! I stayed process oriented and won the gold! And there was quite a bit of competition in my weight class!

- Mary

Kettlebell Competitor

Crushing Mental Barriers

Incredible!! All of us did really well! I broke through my old PR of 40 reps! I got 42 and it was a "psychology of possibility" moment. Thank you! I can't wait to see you soon to tell you about my mental strategy.

-Jason Dolby 

Kettlebell Trainer

Mental Work = Goal Attainment

AJ was selected as one of the XOS Digital Top Performers and made it to FBU Top Gun. Also, wanted you to know AJ also made the USA National Team and is getting other accolades. Thank you so much for getting his head screwed on straight. We will be promoting your mental performance business to everyone. 

- Dino Gatto

Mental + Physical = Dream Realized

Thanks to you, Britt is now in a good place mentally and physically. She had a great high school swim season. CIF Champion in 500. Her team won both CIF and State Championship. I appreciate all you have done for us. You were a key piece to our mental performance health. 

- Cynthia Kampfer  

Attitude Change

Hello! I wanted to share with you that today was the first day of Jr. Olympics and Shay swam the 200 fly and got her Jr. National cut. She's going to Minneapolis in a little over a week. She's pretty excited! Thank you so much for your help in getting her there! 


Intense Mental Training

Thank you for your support and assistance while training for our black belt weekend final. I truly believe and know your words and tools got several people through this journey. We all made it!! Some with smiles on our faces and others with teeth clinched. the point being  we all made it and got out of it what we envisioned for ourselves. thank you! Now back to recovery rest.

- Power of One Martial Arts Training

Performance Training = Motivated Selling

I pray each day to have success in what I do. Yesterday, my prayers were definitely answered. For those of you who didn't get a chance to attend the CE in LA yesterday, Talese gave a workshop that  demonstrated how our minds can be our worst hindrance to our success unless we learn to stay positive. The tools she gave us allowed me to go out and have my most productive and hardest working days yet!

- Tim Brown

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