Talese's Philosophies

Through my continuing work, research and education in the field of performance, I have discovered the interconnectedness between neuroscience, performance psychology, physics, energy, meditation, visualization and yoga in supporting and enhancing performance. The knowledge of these connections provides powerful insight and tools that increase my ability to work effectively and powerfully with my clients in the field of performance enhancement. 

I focus on the performer's mental game as it relates to and influences their performance. I’m concerned with all aspects of life that may be impeding one's performance. I believe that everyone can limit or enhance their performance potential by what they believe, think and perceive. Keeping an open, observant and absorbent mind is crucial to achieving a desired performance. I believe that everyone needs to train their mind in order to reach their full performance potential and to fully identify and release their talents. Your mind is like a parachute and it only works when it’s open. It takes courage to grow and reach your full performance potential. 

The mind is a powerful muscle that most people don’t train or use properly. The mind tells the body what to do. Performance starts within the mind.  What you think and believe affects how you feel and think, which affects how you behave and perform. Within our minds, there are words, beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are like mental nutrition. That mental nutrition needs to be healthy, empowered, confident and compassionate in order to reach our performance potential. Addressing the internal mind releases the external performance. Performance psychology doesn't create talent, it helps to release talent. The mind is a muscle and like any other muscle found in the body, it needs to be trained and taught skills to perform optimally. 

When it comes to performing, I believe sometimes performers have to become comfortable performing in the discomfort. Being uncomfortable can sometimes mean performing with a manageable level of fear or anxiety. Identifying and stepping out of your comfort zone will reveal and identify mental barriers that are holding your performance back. Your comfort zone can limit your ability to obtain a desired performance level. When using sport and performance psychology, the comfort zone is expanded and broadened. 

I passionately work with performers, athletes, teams, coaches, corporations and organizations to help them navigate the mental challenges encountered in the world of performance. I help identify mental barriers that are impeding performances, and provide performance enhancement techniques to neutralize the mental barriers. This process releases and enhances performance potential, allowing performances to become more confident, optimal and enjoyable. These mental performance barriers include: 

Mental Performance Barriers include:

· Will I get hurt?

· Will I finish?/ Can I do this?/ Am I good enough?

· Fear of Success

· Fear of Failure

· Anxiety

· Uncertainty/uncontrollables

· Fear of Embarrassment

· Low confidence

· Lack of motivation

· Unrealistic expectations and goals

· Negative self-talk

· Excuses

· Injuries

· Past poor performances

· Pressure

· Poor focus

· Excessive emotions

· Not having fun

· Judgments

· Burn out

Performances are filled with ups and downs. When you have dug yourself a performance hole, that you can't seem to get out of, remember to stop digging, keep things simple and go back to the basics of your performance.